Due to the current situation we have had to make some changes to the way we run our business. Listed below are the things that WE are doing to keep everyone safe and a list of things we need YOU to do to help us. 

Please note that the Scottish Government guidelines often differ from those in England & the rest of the world. Please ensure you are following Scottish guidance as well as the guidance we have provided.




  • All equipment will be disinfected before and after each use.

  • To comply with social distancing guidelines, we have had to reduce the number of people on out trips. The maximum number of people on our trips has now been reduced to 4 (this number will change to reflect any change in guidance).  However, if all occupants are from the same household, this number can be increased to 6. All guides are instructed to remain as far from guests as is reasonable at all times.Some of our guides have chosen to wear additional PPE and we ask that you support them in this matter.

  • We will keep guests informed of any changes and we will update all our practices to comply with government guidelines. 

  • We are currently unable to offer our usual transport or food services. We are seeking guidelines from the government to make sure we can continue to offer these in the future.




  • Please follow Scottish Government guidelines and any guidance or instructions given to you by West Coast Fishing.

  • Please follow social distancing guidelines, especially when around other people (including Our guides).

  • Please try to ensure all your own rubbish is bagged and taken away by you. We do not have rubbish facilities.

  • We are unable to provide hand sanitiser so ask that you bring your own and any other personal protection equipment you feel necessary. You do not need to wear a face mask, but if you prefer to do so, feel free to bring one along with you. 

  • At least 1 person on each tour needs to be registered as a guest of West Coast Fishing. Please see the guest details at the bottom of the page here and fill out the form.

By sticking to these guidelines, we can do our bit to help protect our communities and suppress the virus. 

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