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The Highlander Experience

Experience the rough and rugged lifestyle of a Scottish Highlander

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For thousands of years, people have inhabited the rugged and hostile highlands of Scotland. The terrain, weather and wildlife shaped the inhabitants lifestyle and culture to become something that is almost forgotten in modern times. we've created a whole experience that will take you through every aspect of traditional life, with the comforts of modern technology. Our most comprehensive trip, you arrive at inverness airport and the rest is taken care of.

the highlander experience includes:

  • 3 nights stay in one of our highland lodges

  • an off-road vehicle with a roof tent

  • 2 days of fishing

  • One overnight "survival trip"

  • One overnight fishing trip

  • your own personal guide for the entire time

  • Complimentary bottle of whisky on arrival


Continue reading below for more details on each part of this experience.

3 nights in one of our lodges

we'll pick from our collection of lodges in the highlands with the best one to suit your trip. our favourite choice is the incredible Sgurr Morr Lodge located in Reraig, right in the heart of our experience.

The self catering lodges are suited exactly to you and all have the typical Scottish highland charm you would expect.

The first 3 nights of your trip are spent in comfort in our lodge. Settle in after an eventful days fishing to a dram of whisky from the local distillery!

with lodges located all over the highlands, we're able to suit any itinerary if you wish to customise the experience. 

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4x4 with a roof tent

we've partnered with Wildtrax to offer our guests a self drive experience to dream of. these vehicles offer unique experience traversing the Highlands of Scotland in fully kitted out expedition standard Land Rovers with roof top tents.

The WildTrax fleet sit atop perfectly capable all terrain tires, allowing you to continue on your adventures whatever conditions are thrown at you. The vehicles, particularly our Defenders, are probably the world’s most iconic 4×4 because of their ability to tackle and conquer tough and uneven terrain.


Rest assured, whatever The Highlands and their four seasons in one day have to offer, our Land Rovers will get you there. This means you are able to go where others struggle, to go where others simply cannot.

2 days of fishing

as you settle in to being surrounded by mountains, fresh air and wildlife, we'll take you to some of our favourite fishing spots surrounding your lodge. these first two days will be filled with a mixture of fishing for wild brown trout, pike and salt water species.

Guiding you through every step of the way, we'll have you self sufficient in every aspect of fishing and leave you with pictures of fish that will be a keynote during any gathering for the rest of your life.

during these two days you'll have the chance to experience some of the rigours of highland life and listen to stories from our guides.


Overnight Survival trip

After your 3 nights of luxury, it's time to put the roof tents to use. your first night outside of the lodge will be filled with lessons on how highlanders survived the harsh and rugged terrain hundreds of years ago.

Taught by one of the last remaining true highlanders, you'll learn how to build shelters, fires and cook  like a real Scottish highlander. an experience not to be missed and combined with fishing for wild brown trout the days before, you'll have an authentic highlander day.

spending the night in your roof tent, experiencing one of the last frontiers.

Overnight fishing trip

after your first night under the stars, another days fishing comences. this time, we'll set you up in a new location for the whole day to maximise your exposure.

after the day is done, use your skills learnt from the night before to setup camp, cook up your catch and gaze at a sky completely filled with stars. optionally, we can arrange for some overnight fishing for pike as an extra treat before you leave for home.

in the morning, a few more hours fishing before returning to inverness to catch your flight home.

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